Where to Get Free CNA Training & Certification

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Even though becoming a certified nurse aide (CNA) does not require a college degree, like other professionals in nursing, training is still required. However, these trainings tend to be costly.


Some health care facilities give new employees cost-effective or free nursing assistant training. However, some may require participants to pay a fee to take the certification exam after completing the training course. 


One of the more valuable, cost-effective options is through WisCaregiver Careers. Our program provides employment first as well as free nurse-aide training and certification testing through recognized, participating nurse-aide training programs, making it a viable option that doesn’t weigh down on you financially.


Why Become a CNA?


A job in health care is gratifying and makes it possible to earn a solid income while caring for those in need. Additionally, health care is one of the few businesses with steady demand, stability, and good wages.


Many believe it is too difficult to obtain the necessary credentials to start in health care. A good number of positions in the field have extensive educational requirements, and it can be tough to find the time to attend school in today’s hectic world.


Beginning a job as a CNA or certified nursing aide is an excellent method to reduce some of these hurdles. CNAs are vital health care team members, providing direct patient care alongside physicians and nurses.

CNA & Patient

How Do I Become a Certified Nursing Aide?

To become certified as a CNA, you must enroll in a state-approved training program and pass the state certification exam. There are plenty of community colleges, technical schools, and private training centers and hospitals that offer CNA certification programs.

It is important to note that these programs vary – therefore, interested students must conduct extensive studies to identify the program that best meets their needs.


Employers participating in the WisCaregiver Career program offer a nationally recognized CNA training options that lasts between 4 and 12 weeks, depending on class size , your availability, and region.



Should I Take Free CNA Classes?


The short answer is yes. The institutions that provide free CNA classes do so for a good cause, and you could benefit. You may be wondering, “How are health care establishments able to provide these courses at no cost?” WisCaregiver Careers is the program with special public/private support that is able to not only pay for training, but also employs interested program participants while they train in an effort to grow and maintain a consistent supply of qualified workers.


How Do I Find Free CNA Classes?


Nursing homes are common locations for free CNA classes. On the other hand, community colleges and private organizations are also excellent venues to obtain CNA training, although their tuitions can be expensive. 


Courses can cost hundreds or even more than a thousand dollars in tuition. Who wants to incur debt when there are alternative options? Thankfully, the 230+ nursing homes participating in WisCaregiver Careers offer free local CNA classes. many of them on site. Plus you’ll be a hired employee, earning while you learn.


In addition to being offered a no cost education who wouldn’t want a free program with a guaranteed job along with training? With WisCaregiver Careers, you are employed by a participating nursing home. Then the nursing home pays for your CNA training and testing. After certification, participants of the program receive a bonus after six months on the job, full time or part time.


Advantages of CNA Programs


There are many good reasons to pursue a career as a CNA. Here are some of the benefits of choosing this profession:

  • Giving back to the community
  • Stepping up the career ladder
  • Flexibility – you can work the first, second, or third shift or work weekends – Fit family into the work commitment
  • Long-term care – you get to know people and help the elderly

Get Started in a Rewarding & Growing Career as a CNA in Wisconsin 


The certified nurse aide position is an excellent entry point into the flourishing health care industry due to its stable employment outlook and flexible work hours. Are you interested in becoming a CNA? Then consider WisCaregiver Careers.


Start your journey of becoming a certified nurse aide today. Register with WisCaregiver Careers today and be paid while receiving free training and testing. Contact us for more information regarding free CNA training and certification.

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